Patent Agent Arnold Cross

The America Invents Act (AIA) brought sweeping changes to the ways that patent applications are processed and evaluated at the U.S. Patent and Tradmark Office. Arnold Cross trained under the AIA protocols and took his patent agent registration exam after the AIA provisions were fully incorporated. He is a patent agent for the new age of patent prosecution.
You have a good idea, and you want to know how to proceed. You are an experienced inventor looking for a new patent practitioner.
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Your product development is not extensive enough to warrant in-house IP staff, but you do have something that needs a patent. You have in-house IP staff, but you need contract support to assist with surges in product development.
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Phone: 714-684-4131

Office: Virtual

Mailing address:
Arnold Cross
25426 Ceremony Ave
Moreno Valley, CA 92551-9265

I no longer maintain an office in Cincinnati, Ohio, but I am happy to work for clients in Ohio.